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For those who play Saints Row, especially the third one
& ESPECIALLY for all those Kinzie fanboys/fangirls out there
...well, I've got a special for ye all!;P

As we speak, I'm currently workin' on an erotic fanfic involving
Kinzie Kensington, the Ex-FBI/hacker Saint herself along with
:icondanielle-chan:'s OC Saint; Marisol & myself as the Saints' boss!

It starts off as an afterparty which is held at the Saints' penthouse,
long after a party which was in celebration of the premiere of "Gangstas In Space"!
It's a full house, everyone's dancing, gettin' it on & what not...while I oversee it all.
I even see poor Kinzie just typin' away on her laptop, not dancing or having any fun,
and just as I was about to ask Kinzie to dance with me, my girlfriend Marisol lures me
into bed with her...& from that point on, it all gets freaky, if ye get me drift?~;P

And the best part is: Kinzie's watching us do it, since she bugged my room
with hidden cameras & shit!;P

But as for the rest, I'll let you do the math...but still, it's currently a WIP
so it'll take me a while to get it done, then after that...I'm gonna work
on the second one which will pick up from where this one left off!;)

Until then, see ya!~;)

UPDATE: The fic I mentioned, it's now up!!…
Time to put it on the Saints Row club!;)

UPDATE #2: Here's the second half, as promised:…
Read it & enjoy, you lot!~;P
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My first EROTIC Saints Row 3 fanfic!! by Phil-McDonald

/ ©2011-2016 Phil-McDonald
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Submitted on
December 13, 2011


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